A Letter from Major General Glenn H. Curtis

The need for specialized, technical workers in our country continues to grow, especially in light of the retirement of our aging, experienced workforce.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics along with the President’s Council Advisor on Science and Technology predict a shortage of approximately one million science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals in the upcoming years.  Growing and grooming a population of skilled/trained professionals to fill this shortage has never been more important to our nation’s defense.   The Louisiana National Guard has embraced this task by taking part in the DoD STARBASE program. The future of our nation’s security and economy depends on our military strength and the education of our youth in STEM career fields to fill critical civilian and military positions.

Department of Defense programs like STARBASE and Youth Challenge provide these educational opportunities to our youth.  Through the eyes of my own son, Jacob, who attended STARBASE in fifth grade and is now majoring in Engineering at Louisiana Tech, I have experienced how that first-hand exposure to STEM and its related military careers have had an impact.  The Louisiana National Guard has been a proud supporter of the DoD STARBASE programs for the past 18 years, establishing three locations, strategically placed throughout our state at Jackson Barracks, Camp Beauregard and Baton Rouge.  Over that time, we have educated and graduated close to 19,000 students. 

As the President of the Adjutants General Association of the United States (AGAUS) and The Adjutant General of the State of Louisiana, I believe that supporting the DoD STARBASE program is an important part of our overall mission.  It provides our nation’s youth that important STEM exposure that is not always available at their school and introduces them to the positive role models typically found at a military installation.  It helps build the workforce of tomorrow, not only for the military, but also for our communities and country.  DoD STARBASE is working today to help build our future and has my full support.

Glenn H. Curtis                                                                                                            

Major General, LA National Guard          


Posted September 2018